As well as styles, seasons also have colour trends that everyone is wearing. For example, sometimes black is 'in', sometimes it is slightly more daring such as salmon pink, and recently (unfortunately), it was a bluish green colour that I can only imagine suited very few people. These colour trends apply to clothes, but of course, glasses and sunglasses also have coloured frames, so let's take a look at Winter 2014 colour trends for glasses...

It seems that the best description for Winter 2014 colour trends is 'NATURAL'. Basically, if you imagine Autumn leaves, you can pretty much wear anything that would match their warm colour tones. (Click here or here for an appropriate soundtrack to listen to whilst browsing).

Winter 2014 colour trends


The first, and perhaps most obvious colour to wear is simply a colour that matches the leaves perfectly: 'gold'. Often described as camel colour or mustard yellow (for brighter tones), this is definitely a style that we will see more and more of as the weather gets colder... and this model by Bob Sdrunk in the Blickers online shop perfectly captures the essence of the trend. It has a semi transparent frame combined with gradient lenses (click here), below, and there is even a version of the model that has blue lenses - a look that nobody will forget! (click here). Winter 2014 colour trends Winter 2014 colour trends

Tortoise shell

Secondly, a look that is definitely popular this year and is a perfect way of wearing warm colour tones is tortoise shell. The brilliant British brand Fan Optics have made some incredible tortoise shell designs for men and women, which really shows how stylish this look can be (below).

Winter 2014 colour trends - tortoise shell

Winter 2014 colour trends - tortoise shell

Happiness Shades have also made a number of tortoise shell designs with varying colour tones, that can be bought from the Blickers online shop! (click on the names of the designs to go to them directly).

HEAVEN HELL Winter 2014 colour trends OLD SKULL Winter 2014 colour trends R'N'R BONES Winter 2014 colour trends

Animal print

An interesting and bold way of combining warm colour tones is to opt for animal print frames. These may seem bold, but teamed with neutral, plain clothes they can be a perfect way of adding some colour and excitement to your outfit. They have even been worn by celebrities such as Rihanna, Kate Moss and Beyonce!

leopard print sunglasses on Rihanna

leopard print sunglasses on kate moss

leopard print sunglasses on Beyonce

This Bob Sdrunk model available in the Blickers online shop (click here) is a bold yet incredibly stylish choice of frame this Winter, and will literally make you appear ahead of the latest colour trends. Winter 2014 ccolour trends


And finally, it may seem like a return to late 90s fashion (remember the Spice girls video?!) but another way of wearing autumnal colours (that include green tones) is to go for glasses that have camouflage frames... This look is coming back in, and has even been seen on the catwalk recently! (below).

winter 2014 colour trends

Bob Sdrunk has definitely understood the Winter 2013 colour trends perfectly, and has even designed a pair of unisex camouflage sunglasses that can easily match any Winter outfit... (click here to go to them directly in the Blickers online shop). winter 2014 colour trends

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