IUTER sunglasses: streetwear made in Italy

Today, IUTER is a brand known and distributed around the world. It is recognized in particular for the creativity of its designs and the quality of its products.

Sunglasses made in Spain: some of the best Spanish brands

Three brands that are going strong in the eyewear world: Citrique, Laveta Eyewear and Optim.

Glasses made in the UK: a look at three brands

...Fan Optics, William Morris, and RockOptika.

Johnny Depp's glasses: an object of desire

If there is one celebrity who could be called 'King of Glasses', there is no doubt that it would be Johnny Depp...

Glasses for Sports: surf, ski, bike

Dragon Alliance eyewear is one of the major brands that sells glasses for sports. The brand has an innovative and fun approach which has led to its enoromous popularity.

Woodsies sunglasses: handmade, wooden glasses from the UK

Woodsies sunglasses combine comfort and style and the 6 unique models are fun and current and will appeal to everyone.

Sunglasses with gradient lenses: what is the point?

The practical (and not so practical) reasons why sunglasses that have gradient lenses are useful.

VISION SPRING glasses: giving people back their sight

Vision Spring aims to provide access to information about eye health and affordable glasses to people who need them in developing countries.

Festival specs: retro, changeable, perfect for festivals

"70's inspired round sunglasses in a set with six pairs of differently coloured interchangeable lenses, frames and a fun case"

Bono’s sunglasses, singer of U2

As the need to wear glasses can become Marketing

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