Like with a lot of talk about fashion, it is easy to get distracted by talking about trends for women. However, and perhaps nowadays more than ever before, fashion for men is equally important, diverse, and exciting. This is especially true when talking about eyewear for men. Gone are the days when safe, plain glasses are all men wear. Today the choice of eyewear for men is huge, so lets take a look at some popular styles.

Firstly, a recent major trend in eyewear for men in terms of prescription glasses frames has been the ‘nerd’ look. (Read more about it here). This means frames that are often wayfarer shaped, dark, and bold. These nerd-look glasses can be extremely sexy as they give people a serious, smouldering look. They have therefore become hugely popular…

nerd glasses frames

men's nerd glasses

In terms of the trends in sunglasses for men this year, it really is a case of anything goes. First and foremost, the colour of frames has been important. Frames that stand out in comparison to the lenses create a retro, edgy look. For example, these light or transparent frames.

eyewear for men

eyewear for men

Despite the popularity of colourful frames, there is not one particular style that has become all encompassing this summer, but rather modern takes on previous eras, that are then re-adapted and developed as new trends emerge. For example, round sunglasses are the primary come-back style of Summer 2013, for men and women.

As time has passed, however, these round sunglasses have gone from having thin metal frames reminiscent of the John Lennon glasses of the 60s, to incorporating the trend for coloured, or transparent frames into their designs. What we are left with is a mix of eclectic, bold designs, where the frames are often lighter than the small, round lenses, creating a retro-futuristic look.

eyewear for men

round sunglasses

eyewear for men

eyewear for men

Zac Effron in round glasses with patterned frames

Another major trend this Summer has been sunglasses with mirrored lenses. This unisex style reminiscent of 80s, sporty sunglasses has really taken over in the last few months, and unsurprisingly, because of the look’s connection to sport, it has become a major trend in eyewear for men.

mirrored wayfarer sunglasses

Mirrored lenses are most commonly seen with wayfarer frames, but they are by no means limited to this style, as Mirrored aviator style sunglasses for men have also seen a big come-back.

Another way of having a modern take on the style of a previous era has been to fuse mirrored lenses with round, retro frames. This very bold look really does make a fashion statement that is truly commendable if you dare…

round mirrored lenses

eyewear for men

Of course not all eyewear for men this year is bold and daring, and many classic styles have also been very popular. However, to sum up this Summer’s main styles for men, I think it’s only fair to say that in terms of making a true fashion statement with eyewear, it certainly is a case of ‘go bold or go home’.

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