The Summer is definitely over now, and the days are getting darker and colder. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that sunglasses are not necessary, as your eyes still need protecting from the Winter sun when it does occasionally shine! But as sunny days are few and far between (in England at least!), it is perhaps even more important to pay special attention to what eyewear you wear on those rare days in order to look cool and on top of the latest trends. With this is mind, let's take a look at 3 Autumn/Winter sunglasses trends in 2013 that Blickers thinks will be very popular over the next few months...

Cat eye sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses have been very popular this Summer, and it seems the trend is definitely here to stay for now! It has also been seen on celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson (below). It is definitely one of the number one Autumn/Winter sunglasses trends in 2013...

Scarlett Johansson cat eye sunglasses

The Blickers online shop stock an interesting pair of Yves Saint Laurent cat eye glasses (below), which are perfect if you want to add a unique, vintage twist to your look! (Click here to go to the model directly in the online shop).

Autumn/Winter sunglasses trends in 2013

Round sunglasses

Round sunglasses have probably been the definitive style of sunglasses this year, so it is no surprise that they are also a popular Autumn/Winter sunglasses trend in 2013. Ranging from glasses reminiscent of John Lennon, to adapted styles with thicker frames, these glasses have been seen all over the place... even on celebrities such as Beyonce.

Autumn/Winter sunglasses trends in 2013

Get yourself a true vintage pair of round sunglasses from the Blickers online shop! We have Creasol sunglasses with thin frames that will give you a perfect John Lennon look - click here to go directly to the model in the online shop.

Autumn/Winter sunglasses trends in 2013 Autumn/Winter sunglasses trends in 2013

We also have some retro style round sunglasses by Optim, with thicker frames that come in either tortoise shell or black - click here to go directly to the models in the online shop.

Autumn/Winter sunglasses trends in 2013 Autumn/Winter sunglasses trends in 2013

Wooden eyewear

And finally, it seems that the huge trend in wooden eyewear that we have seen emerging this year is here to stay. If you are a fan of unique, artesanal, handcrafted products, these are the ones for you! Many wooden eyewear brands also have strong commitments to being environmentally friendly.

wooden eyewear

ORIGINeyes, a french wooden eyewear brand, uses exotic wood from Indonesia, which is extremely lightweight. Check out some of the wooden ORIGINeyes models that we have in the Blickers online shop, (such as the model below - click here), as well as other designs.

Autumn/Winter sunglasses trends in 2013

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