Women's Sunglasses: A little old, a little new, lots of awesome!

Whether winter or summer, freezing cold or sweating hard, sunglasses are an indispensable accessory in a woman’s wardrobe (girls, you know it’s true).

Visor Sunglasses: The Next Level of Sun Protection

The future has arrived... in sunglass form! Have you experienced visor sunglasses yet? Here we discuss a design and style yet to be seen!

Stylish Frames for Eyeglasses with Personality

You’ve avoided them before, ignoring eye-doctor’s orders and going without eyeglasses all for the sake of style. So when was the exact moment when eyeglasses went from being synonymous with nerds to a synonym for cool?

Rubber Sunglasses bounce into Summer!

Can rubber sunglasses be functional, fun, and stylish all at once? Yep! Allow us to present: ALeRO, a daring Italian brand that launched their first collection—GUM—into the international sunglasses spotlight!

Italian Sunglasses Are Taking Over the World

When it comes to fashion, Italians certainly know style! Italian sunglasses may have graced your face without you ever knowing it! The hugely popular, iconic Ray Ban sunglasses are in fact a brand of Italian fashion giant Luxottica.

Colorful Sunglasses: What's your Shade of Happiness?

Colorful sunglasses are retro, funky, and casual. Happiness Shades offers a huge range of sunglass styles in the coolest colors.

Crazy sunglasses.... the key to happiness.

So many brands, so many choices, how can you choose? In the end it´s all about that inner you coming out, going crazy, feeling, you are emotion! So, what do you feel like living today?

Your eyes function dance with time

How does time influence in our daily life? How can you capt one second of it and how does your eyes function fit in all this?

The real feeling of wood sunglasses

Imagine a day where you are coming from the labyrinth of society, you reach into your purse and pull out your sustainable wood sunglasses. What do you feel?

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