Men's Sunglasses: Timeless Style

Sunglasses are possibly the most-favored male accessory, and to us, the women, they are an instant boost in classic cool. Not only do they bring a man a note of distinction, but also a touch of personality that is irresistible.

Arsene Paris eyewear: Parisian 'Art Deco' designs

Glasses inspired by 1920s French style - elegant, comfortable and eccentric...

Kimi Räikkönen's sunglasses: sporty, classy, cool

You certainly won't forget these Oakley sunglasses with gold, mirrored lenses in a hurry...

The diversity of Oakley sunglasses

'Physics extended to an art form'

Harley Davidson sunglasses

Harley Davidson sunglasses use very high technology in the lenses and the frames. They are stylish, comfortable, almost indestructible, and perfect for the open road.

Cat eye glasses, general trend for spring-summer 2013

There is currently a trend to recover cat eye shaped glasses.

Fashion Eyewear... Do you dare you to wear it?

Fashion eyewear may be weird, but not all Fashion eyewear is weird. We’re looking for extremely sophisticated glasses, worn exclusively and with great poise.

Do you know about the exclusive Andy Wolf handmade glasses?

Andy Wolf eyewear, completely handmade in Austria, has doubled its sales in the last year.

Exclusive buffalo horn eyewear

New materials are becoming fashionable in the manufacture of eyewear and buffalo horn is surprisingly elegant.

Different Glasses in the Colors of the Season

Two colors fight for the title of honor “the new black”. Which will you choose?

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