OK, so sunglasses for Christmas may sound like an odd idea, but, from a blog dedicated to discovering new and alternative eyewear brands, what did you expect?! It is now officially less than a week to go until Christmas day, and for those of you who haven't started your Christmas shopping yet, it is definitely time to get cracking!! But if you are in need of a little (and admittedly slightly obscure) inspiration as to what to get friends or family for Christmas, then read on...

sunglasses for christmas

Sunglasses for Christmas does seem like a somewhat unlikely idea. After all, Christmas in Europe falls in the middle of Winter, and is actually just 4 days after the shortest day of the year (the 21st of December). This usually means that there is very little sun around at this time of year, and days (in England at least) are cold and dark... but it could also mean that you have booked a sneaky Winter mini break to somewhere with guaranteed sun in order to escape the English drizzle, or maybe you have a skiing trip lined up for early next year... If either of those two scenarios is the case then not only will you be the envy of all your friends, it also provides you with a perfect idea for what to get someone for Christmas who is coming with you... sunglasses! Even if you and your friends are forced to brave out Winter in England, getting someone sunglasses is a great way of cheering them up and getting them excited for the Summer months and dreaming of lying on a beach somewhere exotic! Plus let's not forget, the Winter sun can be just as damaging to your eyes as the sun in the Summer which means sunglasses are necessary all year round. So, need any more convincing? Sunglasses for Christmas are a great idea!

sunglasses for christmas

Sunglasses can make perfect gifts as they can be unique, artesanal, handmade products, or authentic vintage items. With this in mind, let's take a quick recap of some of the products that have got us excited in the past few months, and maybe some of them will inspire you to consider sunglasses for Christmas too!

Wooden sunglasses for Christmas!

Wooden sunglasses are this year's hottest trend, and there have been lots of incredible brands in Europe that produce them that we have written about recently... From Moathouse Eyewear in the UK, to Dolpi in Italy, it seems that the amazing talent that goes into producing wooden eyewear is simply growing and growing.

Moathouse sunglasses for Christmas

Moathouse Eyewear

Dolpi sunglasses for Christmas

We even have a wooden eyewear brand in the Blickers online shop - check out ORIGINeyes! (below). Click here to go directly to the model in the shop. So, what a perfect gift wooden sunglasses could be for someone for Christmas! Not only do they look incredible, they are also environmentally friendly and are at the height of the latest eyewear trends.

Origineyes sunglasses for Christmas


Vintage sunglasses for Christmas!

Recently Blickers has been excited about a couple of incredible European brands; in particular Arsene Paris and IUTER. But we are also enthusiastic about vintage brands, and sell many authentic, vintage products in our online shop. One vintage brand in particular would make a great present for someone for Christmas, as not only are they original, vintage products, they are also ideal for wearing in snowy weather as they are designed to protect your eyes from the sun, as well as the glare off the snow... This brand could only be created by a professional skier - Vuarnet eyewear! (Click here to go to the model below directly in the online shop, and check out some of the other Vuarnet models we have in stock).

Vuarnet sunglasses for Christmas

Vuarnet sunglasses

I hope these models have managed to inspire you to consider getting someone sunglasses for Christmas! And if you need any more inspiration, check out some of the incredible products that we have in the Blickers online shop!

But for now, I will leave you with a couple of tasters... enjoy! And HAPPY CHRISTMAS! :)

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