Naomi Campbell is a British model whose name is known all over the world. She was one of the top three most recognized models universally in the late 80s and 90s, and has been named as one of only six 'supermodels' of her time. For someone that has been in the spotlight for so many years, precisely because of her huge influence in the fashion world, it seems only right to have a look at Naomi Campbell's sunglasses, and see what her favourite styles are like!

The pair she is wearing below have angular, oversized frames, and gradient lenses. The colour tones of brownish purple give her a natural look, and the glasses are set off perfectly against her white top. These angular frames also make her glasses subtly stand out, but in an understated way, and give her a glamorous and unique look.

naomi campbells sunglasses

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Naomi Campbell's sunglassesThe second style worn by Naomi Campbell (below) are also oversized, but have rounded frames. This black and white pair, below, make a statement as the white corners match her white top, and therefore further highlight the contrast with the black part of the frames. These are therefore perfectly worn by Naomi Campbell as statement eyewear, and they again have gradient lenses which help create a glamorous look. The second pair, (the photo underneath), also have rounded, oversized frames, but this time in transparent brown tones, which suggests that this particular shape may be one of Naomi Campbell's favourites.

naomi campbells sunglasses

naomi campbells sunglasses

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Naomi Campbell's sunglassesAnother of Naomi Campbell's sunglasses styles is this butterfly shaped black pair, below. Also oversized with gradient lenses, these may make slightly less of a statement but they are certainly just as glamorous as some of her other styles!

naomi campbell's sunglasses

And finally Naomi Cambell has also been seen in this pair, that are in some ways quite different from her other styles as with these it is all about the lenses. Again oversized and gradient, but supported by a thin metal frames, this pair of sunglasses is arguably more for everyday wear, as they can be teamed with any outfit... Naomi Campbell has even combined them with a train driver style hat with a cap! But she does manage to pull off the look... it must be one of the perks of being a supermodel!

naomi campbell's sunglasses

There seem to be two main themes that run throughout these sunglasses styles worn by Naomi Campbell - all her sunglasses have gradient lenses, and all are oversized. As I have mentioned in a previous post (read it here), oversized frames are perfect for people with long faces, as the best thing is to wear sunglasses that are proportional for your face. It seems that Naomi Campbell is well aware of this, as all her styles are incredibly flattering. Furthermore, her love of gradient lenses is her way of making all her sunglasses styles, even those with more statement frames, give her a glamorous edge that is perfect for her supermodel status.

Finally, and just for fun, I will leave you with some stunning photos of Naomi Campbell in the Dolce and Gabbana 'Lace collection' (directly below) and the Dolce and Gabbana 'Animalier' Ad, both in 2011, in which she wears similar shapes of sunglasses to her usual styles, but with truly loud frames (some even in red leopard skin!). They may not be great for everyday wear, but the photos look incredible...!

Naomi Campbell's sunglasses

naomi-cambell's sunglasses

naomi campbell's sunglasses

dolce and gabbana animalier ad

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