Jude Law, the famous British actor, has been in and out of the spotlight for the past ten years, and has starred in films such as The Talented Mr. Ripley, for which he won a BAFTA for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Making his debut lead role in the film Alfie in 2004 alongside British actress Sienna Miller, like his character in the film, Jude Law has developed a reputation as one of the ultimate British bachelors. His unique yet understated style is inherently British, and is often combined with a pair of Jude Law's masculine sunglasses.

Jude Law's masculine sunglasses have a very conservative look: they have dark frames and lenses and are usually classic models such as Aviators or Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Jude Law has been seen in sunglasses in casual, everyday clothes as well as suits and tuxedos. Interestingly, the styles he goes for when he is in and out of the spotlight are usually the same. For example, the pair he is most often seen in is a pair of black Ray-Ban Wayfarers (below).

jude law's masculine sunglasses

jude law's masculine sunglasses

And another similar black pair that he wears when looking smart in tuxedos and suits...

jude law's masculine sunglasses

jude law's masculine sunglasses

His other main style, particularly when he is not in the spotlight, are classic Aviators with metal frames, or Aviators with plastic frames.

jude law's sunglasses

Jude Law' sunglasses

Jude Law's sunglasses

Both of these classic styles give Jude Law a modern look and a serious edge that, combined with his clothes, is incredibly stylish.

Vogue eyewear campaign

Jude Laws masculine glasses style even led him to model a campaign this year for one of the biggest names in fashion in the world - Vogue eyewear - alongside the sexy Eva Mendes. Even while modelling this huge campaign, Jude Law managed to look natural and at home in the eyewear pieces, and Vogue eyewear (photographed by the famous Mario Testino), seems to have used his easygoing, relaxed look to their full advantage in showing off their products... take a look!

jude law's masculine sunglasses

jude law in vogue eyewear


jude law's masculine sunglasses

jude law's masculine sunglasses

Jude Law in Vogue eyewear


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