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IUTER sunglasses are made by a streetwear brand that was founded in Milan, Italy, in 2002. IUTER was begun by a group of people who had a strong background in the world of skateboarding, graffiti and music - essentially the underground scene, and the products of the brand are clearly indicative of that. Thanks to this connection, as well as extremely hard work, over the years the IUTER brand has created its own unique style that began with a DIY approach and is now in close contact with some of the best companies in the field of textiles and accessories in Italy.

IUTER sunglasses

Extensive research and experimentation in recent years, as well as collaboration with local and international suppliers, has allowed IUTER to develop a wide and varied collection of products that all stay close to its roots. These products include clothes, hats, collars, belts, backpacks, and of course sunglasses.

IUTER sunglasses

Like all the products from the brand, IUTER sunglasses retain the spirit of what the brand is all about - the underground scene. The unprecedented attention to detail in the selection of materials and craftsmanship ensures IUTER sunglasses are of the highest quality. For example, the lenses are Carl Zeiss, and the iconic brand logo is embossed on the arms.

IUTER sunglassesIUTER sunglasses

But it is not just the quality of the sunglasses that is impressive, they also look extremely cool. With most designs based on the classic wayfarer shape, these sunglasses are an example of simple style at its best. These two models (below) have very plain, dark frames, combined with subtle, gradient lenses. They are perhaps the best examples of the 'streetwear' look of the brand and its uncomplicated, cool, timeless style.

IUTER sunglasses IUTER sunglasses

This model is slightly more daring. With the same wayfarer shape, this model combines timeless, tortoise shell frames with blue, mirrored lenses. This interesting combination creates a unique juxtaposition of two styles that compliment each other perfectly, creating something in between a 'retro' and 'classic' look.

IUTER sunglasses

This type of model is perhaps the most interesting variation of the classic wayfarer shape, as the frame stops short half way down the lenses, turning them into the classic clubmaster shape (albeit with a wayfarer style bridge above the nose).

IUTER sunglasses

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