I wrote a little while ago about festival sunglasses, and how wearing sunglasses that are a bit out of the ordinary to festivals are a great way to make you stand out in the crowd. I recently discovered a brand so perfect for festivals that they even have the word 'festival' in their name - Festival Specs.

boys in glasses

With the new trend for retro style round sunglasses this summer, Festival Specs are the epitome of cool. Each pair comes with 6 pairs of different coloured, perfectly circular lenses, so you can change them depending on your mood or outfit for that day! They define themselves as:

"70's inspired round sunglasses in a set with six pairs of differently coloured interchangeable lenses, frames and a fun case"

festival specs

The festival season is in full swing in the UK. Some of the big ones like Glastonbury are already over, and many are still to come in the next few weeks (Bestival is gettig closer!). There are also plenty of big music festivals across Europe coming up too if you want guaranteed sun! So if you haven't got your sunglasses this year yet, and you want to jump on the bandwagon of the retro round sunglasses style, get yourself a pair of Festival Specs and get 6 looks in one!

This London based brand has stalls in Spitalfields, the Backyard Brick Lane, Portobello and Greenwich markets. They are also sold on their website - this link takes you directly to the page.

The whole set costs only £25, and 10% of every sale is donated to the charity War Child. So whats no to love about Festival Specs? They are affordable, they help children, and they look great!

The different coloured lenses create completely different looks... and you can even have a different colour for each eye to look truly unique! 

festival specs

festival specs

cool in blue...

festival specs

A photoshoot showing they can look great in all contexts!

festival specs

Perfect for festivals!!

And lastly a couple of close up photos of festival specs...

festival specs in red

festival specs in blue

festival specs

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