The future has sunglass form! Issued forth from the hands of Bieke Hoet, creator of the new Cabrio Belgium visor sunglasses line. Have you experienced these supershades yet? Here we discuss a design and style yet to be seen!

This isn’t to say that Cabrio Belgium is the only brand of visor sunglasses on the market. On the contrary! There have been various designers that have dared to dream, but never has there been a movement quite like this. Chanel, for example, surprised us with their latest Spring/Summer 2014 collection when, right before our eyes, an endless line of styles that incorporated visors into their future-meets-1980s aesthetic. And all this made us think, “Is this actually the future? From here on out, will there forever be shade across our brow?”

Chanel Spring Summer 2014 sunglasses collection. Visor Sunglasses

Visor Sunglasses: Cabrio Belgium

We don’t know whether or not this is truly “the future”, but what we do know is that today they are hot, and definitely serve as an excellent option for the sporty ones among us. When we think of the Cabrio Visro Sunglasses, we should think of them of the perfect combination between function and fashion. It’s true that these are sunglasses that are anything but conventional, but each model is designed and thought out down to the millimeter, yielding a product of extreme quality and excellent construction.

Visored sunglasses Cabrio 05

Cabrio Eyewear: Elan

The Cabrio Elan model of visor sunglasses has been especially designed for athletes, as well as for any person who is need of an extra level of sun protection. Do you play golf? Enjoy sailing? Are you a rollerblading aficionado? Cyclist? We have no doubt that these shades are perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle and are always in search of a breath of fresh air!

Cabrio Visor Sunglasses

Cabrio Visor Sunglasses

Cabrio Eyewear Elan

Cabrio Eyewear Elan

lookbook Visor Sunglasses Cabrio

Cabrio Eyewear Elan

Cabrio Eyewear Elan

Cabrio Eyewear: Calimero

The Cabrio Calimero Male and Calimero Female reduce the visor size minimal dimensions, very discretely shading each lense to facilitate comfortable vision in the sun without forfeiting style. With these visor sunglasses, the functionality and design goes hand in hand, though their primary selling point is comfort. What do you think of the Cabrio Calimeros?

Visor Sunglasses Cabrio

Cabrio Calimero Female

Cabrio Calimero Female


What makes these sunglasses so special, light, and comfortable is their material makeup: polypropylene laminated. The main added value of this material is that it is very light weight, and the lack of welded and soldered points makes for a strong, simple design and construction. Perfect for sports, Cabrio visor sunglasses are durable and streamlined.

Cabrio lookbook - Visor Sunglasses


The Cabrio collection is the first collection of sunglasses designed by Beligian disigner Bieke Hoet (manager of the prestigious Hoet Design in Brussels, founded in 1997).

Taking a different direction from the work of her father Patrick Hoet, Bieke studied interior design, and during her 10 years of professional work at Hoet, she designed nearly everything but sunglasses.

Bieke Hoet is in constant search of new materials, techniques, producers, so it’s no surprise that her first ever sunglasses line—Cabrio Elan—are so distinct. A designer that without a doubt will continue to shock and shape the eyewear fashion world!

bieke hoet. Cabrio designer. Visor Sunglasses

bieke hoet - Visor Sunglasses

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