Colorful Happiness Shades designer sunglasses are the, grunge-rock, retro-funk, glam-cool eyewear love child of a fashion student in Los Angeles and a family factory in Italy. 2007 was the year that these awesome brand began producing women’s and men’s sunglasses. Before long their popularity exploded into the world of international fashion brands, and here we are today! These colorful shades are —without a doubt— your ticket to happiness. Bring on the sun!

Happiness Shades

Happiness Shades colorful sunglasses

These fashionable sunglasses aren’t your typical Ray Ban sunglasses, nor are they the huge statement pieces of some of the other brands featured in the Blickers online sunglasses shop. Do you want to rock the look of traditional aviators but with a touch of distinction? Check out the Happiness Shades aviator-style sunglassesCut” in green, grey, or black!

Colorful sunglasses: Happiness Shades Cut

Happiness Shades "Cut" style Aviator colorful sunglasses

Like wayfarer sunglasses but don’t want the same thing that half the city sees in the mirror daily? Get yourself a pair of the “Heaven Hell” shades! Hot damn!

Do you miss 1990s sunglasses? Yeah, us too. These “Grrrunge” frames would make Kurt Cobain proud—big, round, and subtly colored for a statement without pretension. Drugs not included and not recommended.

So all you need is love? Fair enough, but we think you need some “Woodstockbutterfly sunglasses too. Elegant, feminine, and colorful, just like you! Right? We thought so.

Black sunglasses? Tortoise shell sunglasses? Skulls? Prints? Colors? We dare you to find a new sunglass style!

Happiness Shades Grrrunge style sunglasses

Happiness Shades "Grrrunge" style sunglasses

What are Happiness Shades made of?

Happiness Shades are made from durable, flexible, and lightweight acetate cellulose.

What is acetate?

Acetate cellulose is a stronger, non-petroleum plastic alternative created in the 1940s from natural cotton and wood fibers with nearly-limitless design and color options. Happiness Shades are tough, timeless, and totally awesome! All the styles look great! And the best part? So will you!

Happiness Shades Woodstock style Butterfly sunglasses

Happiness Shades "Woodstock" style Butterfly sunglasses

Happiness Shades "Meow" Cat-Eye style sunglasses

Happiness Shades will make you flip! Why be happy? Why not! Check out some of the models in our shop:

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