It took a long time in coming, but Summer is finally here! The UK government has even issued heatwave warnings as the temperatures keep rising. Along with the sun, out has come loads of shops and street sellers selling cheap sunglasses. The prices might be tempting, but beware of the dangers…

cheap sunglasses

Cheap sunglasses are everywhere in the summer, and the designs often mimic those of well known models such as Aviators or Wayfarers. These tempting designs and low prices make cheap sunglasses very appealing, especially if you are on holiday and realize you forgot to pack your pair, or you simply fancy a new style. However, it is important to know the dangers.

The function of sunglasses is to protect your eyes. They do this by providing protection against UV rays, which can essentially give the cornea in your eyes a sunburn or, in the long run, cause cataracts and retinal and macular degeneration. Cheap sunglasses, however, do not have this protection. Instead they can actually be more harmful as they fool your eyes into thinking they are protected, making your pupils dilate more and let in even more unfiltered light, causing in turn more damage. They can also make your eyes feel tired and give you headaches - not how you want to feel on holiday!

cheap sunglasses

Many cheap sunglasses have misleading information such as ‘UV absorbing’ or ‘blocks most UV light’, but this information is unregulated and does not mean that they provide adequate protection against UV rays.

Because ultraviolet (or UV) light is invisible, it is impossible for the naked eye to tell how much protection cheap sunglasses actually give you. The colour of the lenses is also not a reliable indication, and it is easy to get distracted by the vast choices often on display.

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Buying reliable sunglasses, with genuine UV protection does not have to cost the earth. They are sold in most pharmacys, and shops with named brands, at reasonable prices. Plus a good pair of sunglasses is a valuable investment, they can last for years and retro and vintage styles keep coming back into fashion! A pair that are comfortable with good UV protection is the main thing – remember, buying cheap sunglasses might cause you more damage than you realise.

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