In the same way that people shop for clothes that flatter their body shape, when shopping for sunglasses it should also be a consideration to think about glasses that will suit your face shape. Today I want to focus on looking at sunglasses for long faces. It can be really hard to know what kind of face shape you have, especially as we probably all see ourselves in the mirror differently from how other people see us! So if you are unsure of what shape your face is, have a look at the different shapes below. Also bare in mind that many of us will probably be a combination of shapes, or a mix between two.

sunglasses for long faces

Long faces can be extremely beautiful. In order to discuss styles and use real examples of flattering sunglasses for long faces, I will look at the styles worn by Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler: two beautiful women with 'long' faces.

glasses for long faces

long face shape

Firstly, the basic (and infact only) 'rule' about sunglasses for long faces is to not wear small, oval frames or glasses with very small, circular lenses. Most people tend to go for quite large sunglasses, as these cover part of the face and create a proportional look. Another popular style is so wear interesting shaped frames, such as slight cat-eye shapes or simply glasses with square or angular frames. These again break up your face and draw the attention upwards and outwards to the sides, making your face appear slightly wider than it is, but without overdoing it.

Let's take a look at some style worn by Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler:

sunglasses for long faces

sunglasses for different face shapes

sunglasses for long faces

sunglasses for long faces

sunglasses for long faces

flattering glasses for long faces

Essentially, especially after look at the types of styles worn by these two beautiful women, you will see that for long face shapes, almost any sunglasses look good. They have especially gone for oversized sunglasses with dark frames (often Aviator or wayfarer shapes). But, as you can see, the gold mirrored aviator style sunglasses worn by SJP also look amazing, as do the angular (slightly cat-eye shaped) reading glasses worn by Liv Tyler ( directly above).

Although buying sunglasses (and glasses) that suit your face shape should be a consideration, the real trick to looking good in sunglasses, whatever your face shape, is to buy a pair that you feel confident in - if you feel confident and comfortable in your glasses you will look amazing.

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