ALeRO offers rubber sunglasses with incredible, vivid color that are super flexible and have interchangeable lenses! But you know what’s best? They float! More gum, more fun!!!

Rubber Sunglasses - ALeRO GUM Collection

ALeRO GUM Collection - Rubber Sunglasses

Alero rubber sunglasses

Alero Gumsquare Rubber Sunglasses Orange

The ALeRO GUM Sunglasses Collection


Unique color is the strongest feature of these durable-cool rubber sunglasses. ALeRO certainly won’t leave you bored! Nothing bland or “classic” to be found! Just reds, purples, and pinks that totally explode! Green and blues that sear like acid! Manly grays and browns, and even some see-through-chic for those who want to bare it all!

ALeRO Purple rubber sunglasses

ALeRO Italian-made rubber sunglasses. Recycled. Made in Italy


In addition to the multitude of great colors to choose from, you get to select between two distinct styles that look great and won’t break! Are aviator sunglasses your go-to style? Grab some ALeRO Gum Drop shades and slap on the cool! Jumped on the Wayfarer train? ALeRO Gum Square is there! Bam!

ALeRO Gum "Drop" Collection

ALeRO GUM Drop Pink rubber sunglasses

ALeRO GUM Drop. Pink

ALeRO GUM Drop Rubber Sunglasses. Grey

ALeRO GUM Drop. Grey

ALeRO rubber sunglasses

ALeRO Gum "Square" Collection

Alero rubber sunglasses. Square Collection


Rubber sunglasses. ALeRO GUM Square. Green

ALeRO GUM Square. Green

rubber sunglasses


Every pair of ALeRO GUM sunglasses comes with two—yes TWO—sets of lenses! The first set are category-2, graduated lenses with a smoky quality, perfect for the medium light of the afternoon or winter, while the second pair offers some serious sun-blockage (Category-3 lenses ideal for sports and direct exposure to strong sunlight). Both pairs offer total UVA/UVB protections and are easily interchangeable! But that’s not all! ALeRo sells additional lenses—by optical wizards Carl Zeiss—that include Multi-layer lenses, Clear lenses, Polarized lenses, and Mirrored lenses. A different look every day of the week? Yes please!

ALeRO Rubber Sunglasses pack


100% recyclable, natural rubber makes these flexible frames tough and spunky! An investment that won’t go down the drain, like so much broken plastic! Perfect for the absent-minded party-animal in all of us! Do you get off on sitting on sunglasses? ALeRO may be your brand! To each his own (we won’t judge)!

Rubber sunglasses ALeRO GUM Square Blue

ALeRO GUM Square. Blue

In Conclusion: You could call these glasses "all-terrain". Consider them a different style than your every-day sunglasses! For those who are daring! Those with something special! For those who are in search of versatile, adaptable, super-resistant shades that don't require a compromise in style. Anyway, who could say no to floating glasses this cool?

Alero rubber sunglasses

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