In every man’s life, sooner or later, that “tragic” moment arrives in which one must bid farewell to the sporty, casual look that you loved and welcome a new age of elegance and class. Call it “stylistic maturation”, perhaps. But, who can rightly say that fine men’s sunglasses, a nice jacket, some smart shoes, and a few well-chosen accessories don’t make a world of difference? Who said that “the clothes don’t make the man”?

Sunglasses are possibly the most-favored male accessory, and to us, the women, they are an instant boost in classic cool. Not only do they bring a man a note of distinction, but also a touch of personality that is irresistible. But which men’s sunglasses should each man devote his fashion endeavors? Classic sunglasses? Retro shades? Original vintage frames? Modern sunglasses? We know it can be a challenge, guys, so we’ve made it easier for you! Gentlemen, keep reading!

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Black men's Sunglasses

Black, men’s sunglasses have been and always will be pure classics, because even more than being an accessory that goes with virtually any look, they also bring a healthy mix of mystery, elegance, and bad boy charm that never fails. The brand Arsene Paris has a collection that has been applauded and recognized by the public, as well as the French media.

Men's sunglasses

Men's sunglasses- Arsene Paris

Men's sunglasses- Arsene Paris

Classic Sunglasses

Because “classic” certainly doesn’t have to be boring, this list would not be complete without the two mainstays of classic men’s sunglass fashion: Aviator and Wayfarer. Nothing wrong with playing it safe! Pick classic, dark frames and keep it subtle, or brighten your look with some solid colors!


Adam Kelly Aviator Sunglasses


Wayfarer sunglasses

Men's Sunglasses- Gigi Barcelona

Men's Sunglasses- Gigi Barcelona

Retro Sunglasses

Relax! When we talk about “retro” we don’t mean 80s kitsch and dubious fashion sense that not even your dad would have worn in his glory days! Retro is about taking older style and mixing it with modern and relevant design aesthetics...but what does that mean? Personality, individuality, and fun all come through with these throwback shades.

Xabi Alonso in retro men's sunglasses

Xabi Alonso in retro men's sunglasses

Have you heard of Bob Sdrunk? These men’s sunglasses has a spectacular design and are exceptional quality!

Men's sunglasses - Bob Sdrunk

Men's sunglasses - Bob Sdrunk

Colorful Sunglasses

Are you an innovator? Daring? Bright, colorful men’s sunglasses—thick-framed and chunky or wire-thin—are your bread and butter! It’s always convenient to have sunglasses for every season, but the color choices we leave up to you! There’s only one rule: Don’t be too extravagant, because (as the old saying goes), fashion changes, but style is timeless! Keeping this nugget of wisdom in mind, we recommend Spektre mirrored sunglasses! Though very colorful and not quite “timeless”, this men’s sunglasses are a no-brainer!

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