Cat eye glasses, began to be popular in the 50s and they got their name precisely because their design mimics the shape of cat’s eyes.

I love fashion and its vagaries, and I especially like it when a garment that was in fashion some years ago becomes trendy again. As in the 50s and 60s, when this type of eyewear was a fashion icon, they regularly come back into fashion and most of the top brands of eyewear are placed on the market again with new designs, giving the women who wear them a little retro touch in adopting them as a complement to their look.

There are two types of cat eye glasses, those which have a smooth and sleek shape or those that are completely "feline". The latter are the ones chosen by celebrities when they want to hide their faces to avoid being recognized but without ceasing to be "super-fashionable".

If you have a square shaped face, you're in luck; this type of eyewear will suit you even more than the rest of us mortals. They are made for you; they will enhance your face by giving it a curved shape that will make you look different and attractive.

To finish the post I am also leaving you with eyewear by the designer Anna Karin Karlsson who we met on our trip to Milan ... these are not cat eye glasses, they come directly from the cat and cost about €500.

I hope you liked my trendy post!


gafas de gato Anna Karin Karlsson

Scarlett Johannson y Cate Blanchett

Salma Hayek

Rihanna cat eye glasses

Marilyn Monroe cat eye glasses

Kim Kardashian cat eye glasses

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Ray Ban eye cat glasses

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Eye cat glasses - Ralph Lauren

Eye cat glasses - Tom Ford

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Eye cat glasses - brown

Eye cat glasses - honey brown

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white eye cat glasses

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