The Arsene Paris eyewear collection is about pushing the limits of design and creating bold and quirky products. The models in this chic collection share a sense of elegance that can only have been produced by a French eyewear brand. Based on 1920s fashion, the style has been described as Art Deco because it combines geometric lines with smooth curves and interesting colour schemes, creating a surprising and distinctly French elegance.

The designs also stand out because of their originality: be it the unexpected length of the arms, the height of the bridge above the nose, or the hint of a colour hidden behind another, each model has a unique twist. Comfort is also a priority, and for the Arsene Paris eyewear brand, wearing glasses should be a moment of pure pleasure.

Arsène Paris eyewear

Muriel Faugeras, the woman behind this incredible brand has always been in love with eyewear but they turned from a necessity into a full blown passion after a trip to Japan where she made the decision to launch a brand of her own. And this new brand is certainly set to make waves in the world of eyewear, as the designs are perfect for those looking for something that will give them an alternative and stylish look that is ever so slightly French in all the right ways.

The Arsene Paris eyewear designs are all unisex, and are made to dress your eyes as well as reveal your personality. To view the full collection of glasses and sunglasses, click on this link.


These Arsene Paris eyewear designs all show off the iconic style of the brand and its originality. The first three models highlight the unique colouring that layers one colour on top of another (especially in the second and third photo) and gives the models a subtly chic look. The shapes of these 4 models is also interesting, as each one is unique, and each has small surprises, from the angular bridge of the second model that connects the two round lenses, to the metal part that runs across the top of the otherwise acetate frame of the third model, and the highly elevated bridge that connects the circular lenses of the last model.

Arsene Paris eyewear Arsene Paris eyewear Arsene Paris eyewear Arsene Paris eyewear


The first model (directly below), has a very similar design to the glasses model directly above, and is perhaps the best example of the 'Art Deco' side of Arsene Paris eyewear, with its 1920s style round lenses. The frames gives this model a unique edge, as it uses layered colouring to combine classic tortoise shell and transparent blue, creating an eclectic mix of styles that is so typical of this brand. The final model exemplifies the surprising aspects of the designs, as the frame is attached to unexpectedly thin, metal arms, that appear at odds with the look of the model from the front.

arsene paris eyewear arsene paris eyewear arsene paris eyewear arsene paris eyewear

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