Glasses for driving are not just fashion accessories, in some conditions they are also very important in order to protect your eyes. 90% of the information we receive while driving comes through our eyes, so it is a good idea to look after them when you are behind the wheel!

Sunglasses soften the continuous light changes that we experience while on the road and therefore delay the onset of visual fatigue, allowing our eye muscles to retain their quick reflexes.

So, what are the most recommended glasses for driving in?

The answer is clear: polarized sunglasses. The explanation is also simple: Polarized sunglasses incorporate a filter that prevents light from a particular direction reaching our eyes. In this case, the polarized lenses prevent horizontal light rays, meaning our eyes are spared the glare from light reflected off the road - therefore perfect for driving.

As well as safety, obviously how the glasses look is also important, so here are three looks that will definitely make you look good behind the wheel...


One of the infinitely cool and classic styles of glasses for driving in. Worn by Daniel Craig, David Beckham and even a man famous for driving: Lewis Hamilton. Aviators are an easy to pull off style and have lenses that cover a large area of your eyes, making them perfect for reflecting as much light as possible when driving in the Winter sun.

glasses for driving

glasses for driving

glasses for driving

Interested in some more unusual, vintage aviator styles? Check out these two different models that we stock in the Blickers online shop! These visor-like aviator sunglasses are by Dior - click here!

glasses for driving

...and these are by Matrik Quattro - click here.

glasses for driving

Glasses with mirrored lenses:

Or if you want to mimic some of the most famous drivers in the world then opt for glasses with mirrored lenses such as the glasses worn by Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen.

glasses fors driving

kimi raikkonen oakley sunglasses

Colourful frames:

Why not make a statement with your glasses for driving, so even other drivers will catch sight of your sunglasses...? Check out these colourful frames worn by the Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson!

Lucy Watson in sunglasses

The Blickers online shop stock similar, authentic vintage models in bright green and bright pink by the French brand Bolle - click here to view them directly in the online shop.

glasses for drivingglasses for driving

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