Although the term eyewear frames usually refers to the shape of the frames, today the real trend is to focus on the colours - this season, the bolder the better! Of course the shape and design of glasses and sunglasses are also important, and so too are the style of the lenses, but how to really make a statement with your eyewear at the moment is to wear frames that stand out. There are two ways of doing this: make them bright colours, or make them transparent.

Colourful eyewear frames are nothing new. But, as the summer draws to a close and we look back at some of the sunglasses that have been popular over the past few months, colourful frames have definitely been a key fashion accessory. The daring to wear colourful frames was spear-headed by the trend for mirrored sunglasses. These reflective, colourful lenses are often teamed with boldly coloured, plastic frames reminiscent of the 80s.

eyewear frames

Demi Lovato in mirrored lenses that are complemented by the bright blue frames

eyewear frames

Jessica Alba in stand-out red frames and mirrored lenses.

Another popular sight has been to see eyewear frames in two colours: one colour for around the lenses, and a different colour for the arms. This look appears almost child-like, but it has none-the-less become very popular.

colourful sunglasses frames

Colourful eyewear frames with plain, dark lenses have also been very popular. They are often either teamed with an outfit and made to match the colours, or used as a way to add colour to a plain outfit. And it seems that blue frames in particular are all the rage!

blue frames

Lily Allen in electric blue frames (in two colours) that stand out against her pink outfit

eyewear frames

Jessica Alba adds some colour to her outfit by teaming these bright blue frames with a plain coat and scarf

eyewear frames

Paris Hilton opts for blue frames that perfectly match her outfit

The most popular shape for all colourful eyewear frames is usually based on the classic wayfarer look because this style of frame is naturally bold and fairly simplistic, making it an ideal shape to enhance with colours in contrast to the often flat, dark lenses. Even Ray-Ban have released models of original Wayfarers with colourful frames....

colourful eyewear frames

Finally, another popular look for eyewear frames recently has been transparent frames. Transparent (or clear) frames can be extremely striking, especially when the frames are bold and thick. This look also has a playful side, as it is making the usually solid looking part of glasses (the frames) also transparent like the lenses. Transparent frames are usually teamed with dark lenses to make them appear even more striking, or in some cases are lightly tinted in a colour that complements the colour of the lenses.

transparent eyewear frames

transparent frames

Sienna Miller wears striking transparent frames and gradient lenses.

transparent eyewear frames

These tinted transparent frames complement the colour of the lenses.

So, for now, lets forget about the shape of glasses and sunglasses, and focus on making eyewear frames stand out by being colourful or transparent. It would be easy to wear transparent frames with almost any outfit, but would you dare to wear such bold colours?!

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