There are an increasing amount of frames on the market made from buffalo horn, a soft, lightweight material, which is ideal to produce comfortable yet exclusive eyewear.

For lovers of nature, ecology and especially animals, like me, it should be said that the buffalos whose horns are used are raised on farms for meat consumption, and the horns are ultimately exploited as a form of recycling.

Even designers like Tom Ford have used this material, combining it with nothing less than gold. Yes, you read correctly, the metal parts are dipped in this noble metal and the frame and the arm ends are made of buffalo horn. They cost around $3000 ... I’d keep them in a case with a lock! : D

Other brands like Marion Ramm or Illesteva also combine buffalo horn in their frame models.

Another example is the American brand Leisure Society, which has made the metal and buffalo horn eyewear worn by Hugh Grant in the film “Cloud Atlas” fashionable. They give you a very cool vintage look, don’t they?

I hope you liked them! See you soon


Hugh Grant with buffalo horn eyewear

Tom Ford exclusive glasses

cool and exclusive glasses

Leisure Society Glasses

buffalo horn eyewear

exclusive eyewear

Tom Ford glasses

Illesteva glasses

exclusive glasses

Ralph Vaessen eyewear

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