Andy Wolf is an Austrian brand of luxury handmade glasses, where (completely) all the design and manufacturing process takes place by hand in Austria.

A couple of weeks ago we saw them at the fair in Milan, and they certainly are booming with growing international demand. The brand was started in 2006 with the idea of creating modern glasses that never go out of fashion, quite a challenge! And to cap it all, another aim was not only to meet the aesthetic criteria but also to be extremely functional. I.e. modern + timeless + beautiful + comfortable.


The Andy Wolf brand is aimed at those who consider their glasses a real treasure, since these really are: they are all handmade, with thorough quality control of each stage of the manufacturing process. Their frames are made of acetate; they do not exert any pressure on the glass, and are so comfortable that you forget you're wearing them I assure you!

For their designer, Katharina Plattner, it is very important to stress that they are handmade in Austria, as they want to differentiate themselves from the numerous companies that have outsourced their production to Asia-Pacific regions.

Andy Wolf is making a name for himself in the field of optics, and some celebrities such as Hugh Grant and Eric Clapton have already been convinced by his philosophy. Even so, most people still don’t know Andy Wolf glasses, so the brand has a long way to go. So that you can become familiar with what will be one of the next successful brands in the coming years I leave you with some photos:

Andy Wolf

Andy Wolf handmade glasses

Andy Wolf exclusive eyewear

exclusive eyewear by andy wolf

exclusive eyewear

exclusive glasses

handmade eyewear

handmade glasses by andy wolf

Handmade glasses

Handmade glasses by A. Wolf



andy wolf

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