Vintage sunglasses on celebrities: who's wearing what?

Vintage style clothes are extremely popular nowadays, and the same is true for vintage sunglasses. Celebrities love to make fashion statements, so let's have a look and see who's wearing what vintage style sunglasses!

Round sunglasses – the return of retro!

Round eyewear has been around for nearly 100 years, evolving from bold, statement frames, to John Lennon style sunglasses of the 1960s. This summer, retro style is back in.

Aviator sunglasses: a timeless classic

Aviator sunglasses are a style of sunglasses that were developed for pilots by the company Bausch and Lomb, during World War II. They were branded as Ray-Ban – the most famous brand of sunglasses today.

'Kanye West glasses': Shutter shades

In his music video 'Stronger' in 2007, Kanye West wore glasses which started a trend known as 'Kanye West glasses'.

Ribot: handmade wooden sunglasses with an artisan spirit

Ribot: handmade wooden sunglasses inspired by the magic and craftsmanship of Barcelona!

My DIY sunglasses: two different styles

After my post about how to decorate your own sunglasses, i set myelf the challenge of creating two pairs of DIY sunglasses!

‘See the world through rose-tinted glasses’

The phrase ‘to see the word through rose-tinted glasses’ means to see things in an overly optimistic, often unrealistic way. But does wearing rose-tinted glasses actually make people feel happier?

Get inspired: Decorate your own sunglasses!

There’s no need to fork out for extravagant designs, just get creative and decorate your own sunglasses!

A-morir: the definition of extravagant eyewear!

One-of-kind designs which are becoming a must-have for fashion trendsetters and define extravagant eyewear.

Femme fatale eyewear

A character who constantly crosses the line between good and evil, sensual in every way, even in their look! Today, eyewear for the femmes fatales!