We are back from MIDO, the optical fair in Milan, where we were not only looking for eyewear, but also fashion and many stories to tell through the brands and their products..

We met some amazing, enterprising people on this trip, with a passion for their products beyond the ordinary. When they let us try on their eyewear, we felt the stories and understood their meaning and their past... and we liked that!

We also saw some very creative ideas at stands fighting to distinguish themselves. In the one shown in the picture below, for example, they took the opportunity to comb or cut your hair while showing you their eyewear, and in the next one the attraction was some pretty girls bathing in a jacuzzi...

MIDO 2013

MIDO 2013


Of all the things we experienced on the trip, my greatest memory is the experience of meeting so many artists and designers. For example, we took special pleasure in talking with Christian Wolf, the creator of the Rolf stone eyewear we talked about in this post. I have to say that the glasses are even more striking and special close up... incredible...

Stand Rolf Spectacles


We also met Alessandro Glassing, a very friendly Italian who also lived in Ibiza for a time. Eyewear with coloured, round and modern mirror lenses. Here is a photo we took with him and his striking posters at his stand .

Glassing and Blickers


The German team at Framers won our hearts with their treatment and friendliness. We had a beer with Matthias, the founder of the company, while he explained how Framers started, who formed the team and how they made and designed the eyewear. They were all named after a district of Berlin or a city (they even had a "Barcelona"). Here's a photo of us toasting!

Framers and Blickers


Aside from chatting we took a break in the relaxation areas, which also served us champagne, juices and snacks. As you can see, the place was great.

MIDO Relaxation Zone


Little time to see the city, but we did make a quick visit to the Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle in a walk after dinner…

Blickers at MIDO


On Monday night we arrived in Barcelona dead tired, but it was worth it ... We will fill you in on some more interesting things that happened in Milan, new trends and stories of some very, very interesting brands…

We are already looking forward to MIDO 2014! :D

Here are several photos to show you what a great time we had!

Nico y Bianca

Victor Manuelle Gallery











Stand Etnia Barcelona

Courrèges Stand at MIDO


Stand in MIDO

Buffalo horn glasses

Deseyé Eyewear


Cool stand at MIDO

Blickers at the metro

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