We all agree that in extreme sun it is necessary to wear a good pair of glasses to adequately protect us, but when weather conditions are tougher and we also have to protect ourselves from the wind, glass frames have an option that can be totally satisfactory, blinkers, which also turns any model into wonderful retro glasses.

Although current use of these types of eyewear is due to aesthetic or sporting reasons, the origin of blinkers seems to be due to the need of the person wearing the eyewear to hide their eyes as a result of the effects caused on them by drugs.

The overall appearance of these types of eyewear with blinkers is generally formed by metal frames, dark round lenses with flexible arms and panels or side blinkers. Although new trends are designed to elongate the glass and even to mount it in rectangular shaped eyewear.

From here the designer has the license to use the materials they want, especially in the preparation of the side panels, which can be formed by a grid mesh, pasta, plastic, fabric or even leather.

I leave you with a few photos of retro glasses with blinkers ... and more in Pinterest!

Hope you like them!


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