Woodsies is a UK-based brand of sunglasses that make handmade, wooden frames. Blickers loves wooden eyewear, so what is different about Woodsies sunglasses?

Woodsies sunglasses try and reflect the individuality of the owner. They do this by being unique, with each model having a different style both in terms of shape, colour, and even different types of lenses (such as the mirrored lenses pictured below).

Woodsies sunglasses

In their own words, Woodsies sunglasses are:

"Handcrafted from sustainable materials that combine our classic styles with a playful twist, our wooden frames are individually handmade from unique cuts of sustainably sourced wood to create a look and feel that simply cannot be replicated in plastic form."

Not only are the frames sustainable and handcrafted, they also understand that comfort and eye protection are both very important. The lenses of Woodsies sunglasses are UV protected and polarised, and they use flexible stainless steel hinges for durability.

The 6 models have deliciously (and slightly obscure) British names - Alfie, Murphy, Riley, Ollie, Monty, and Hartley.

  • Alfie -¬†A unisex, wood (dark bamboo) and acetate design that mimics the classic wayfarer style, but with an edge because of the combination of materials.

Woodsies sunglasses


  • Murphy - made from sustainably sourced zebrano wood, this classic style is made unique because of the stripes in the wood.

Woodsies sunglasses


  • Riley - this 60s Aviator inspired design is also made from zebrano wood, but the smooth, rounded edges give them a softer look.

Woodsies sunglasses


  • Ollie - another combination of wood and acetate in a wayfarer style design. The contrast between the bamboo wood and white acetate gives them a very distinctive look that will definitely get you noticed.

Woodsies sunglasses


  • Monty - this unisex wayfarer design is made from recycled skateboard decks. What makes these sunglasses unique is the combination of the wooden frames and the multi-coloured, mirrored lenses that are so popular this summer.

Woodsies sunglasses


  • Hartley - this 80s inspired retro wayfarer design also combines wooden frames (sustainably sourced birch wood) with multi-coloured, mirrored lenses, making them a unique choice that fits in perfectly with the trend this summer.

Woodsies sunglasses


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