Why add a pair of wooden sunglasses to your kick-ass wardrobe this summer? I’ll tell you! You’ll look hot as hell! Woodys Barcelona wood-framed sunglasses not only come in a huge variety of styles, but the best part? They float in water! Fear not beach-lovers, party on in sand or sea! WARNING: Woodys Barcelona cannot be used as a flotation device!

Model wearing wooden sunglasses

Woodys Barcelona Wooden Sunglasses Dora

Hints of color, mirrored lenses, and mellow gradients make your world take on a special hue. And since no two trees are alike, each pair of handmade wooden frames in genuinely unique! Woodys Barcelona uses different types of wood—sustainably harvested—to craft each of their dozens of models! Painted, layered, and natural looks are perfect ways to refresh your look!

Woodys Barcelona wooden sunglasses

Top Model wearing Wooden Sunglasses

Woodys Barcelona wooden sunglasses are made from bamboo, birch, zebrawood, and recycled skateboards. With 100% UVA/UVB protection, these awesome stylish wooden sunglasses hug your face with a universal fit thanks to flexible, stainless-steel hinged arms. Another great benefit of these hand-made sunglasses? They are made in two parts to allow easy exchange of lenses. Add any prescription!

Another great brand of natural horn and wooden sunglasses at Blickers is ORIGINeyes! Made from exotic hardwoods and cruelty-free water buffalo horn, these hip shades feature APSID lenses—extremely high-quality designer lenses, rated the best manufactured sunglass lenses brand in France! ORIGINeyes are each a unique piece of art; refined eyewear designs by renowned French designer Damien Fourgeaud.

Origineyes Wooden Sunglasses

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Other great brands

Shwood wooden sunglasses

Ultra-cool natural wood frames made in Portland, Oregon, USA with imported, Italian, Carl Zeiss lenses. With minimal manipulation, the pure, raw beauty of the wood selected truly shines through.


Waiting for the Sun wooden sunglasses

Urban, chic, and casual all at once, Waiting for the Sun wooden sunglasses span both vintage and contemporary looks; a California backbone with sophisticated French sensibility.


Palens wooden sunglasses

Designed and hand-crafted in Barcelona by young and inspired designers and artisans, Palens Barcelona are seriously unique! They have just released a line of wooden frames with real natural stone exterior.


For this summer, it’s undisputable: wooden sunglasses are hot hot hot! Kill it on the beach or on the street! Ride light and smooth and rock the look that sets you apart from the crowd everywhere you go! Got Wood? Get Blickers!

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