I decided to dedicate today to browsing the web for magazine covers portraying celebrities and their glasses and I came across these antiquities … covers of VOGUE showing a variety of cool eyewear styles.

Two of the covers are from Portugal and show audacious, high-fashion glasses that are a very prominent element of the photograph. The first cover shows vintage glasses, but with a cheerful, more contemporary colour, making a nice contrast.

In the second VOGUE cover, also from Portugal, the glasses are even more prominent as the girl is dressed in pale, non-striking colours, whereas the glasses have quite an odd, I would say, futuristic style. Very neat.

The third cover is a relic from July 1939 and shows a woman putting on intense red lipstick in stark contrast to the whiteness of the frames, which have small, round lenses and huge sidebars … These glasses are certainly eye-catching!

The final cover is from Japan and shows the most singular of the four pairs of glasses we have seen here. Only suitable for the most audacious among us. I tend to travel a lot by motorbike and I don’t think my helmet would fit, so, unfortunately they’re not for me!

I’ll keep looking for gems from yesteryear to show you!


Cool Eyewear Vogue Magazine

Cool Eyewear Vogue Magazine

Cool Eyewear Vogue Magazine 1939

Cool Eyewear Vogue Magazine Japan

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