The word 'Playboy' for most people conjures up images of naked girls, or perhaps the iconic logo of the head of a rabbit in a tuxedo bow tie. I bet you didn't know that in the past, the brand also produced Playboy eyewear!

playboy eyewear

Playboy began as a men's magazine by Hugh Hefner in 1953. The first edition of the magazine was produced in Hefner's kitchen in Hyde Park. However, thanks to the enormous popularity of the first edition (which featured Marilyn Monroe), the circulation of subsequent editions grew rapidly. Today, almost exactly 60 years since the idea of 'Playboy' was born, the magazine is still very popular.

But, aside from the magazine, the brand of 'Playboy' has also grown enormously over the years. There are a vast range of 'Playboy' items to buy and wear, including what we now consider to be vintage Playboy eyewear. Named by many as the world's sexiest brand, Playboy excelled in their designs because of their daring. The Playboy eyewear collection have a refined, 70's style, that is a true throw-back look of that era.

Apart from discovering new and alternative brands, Blickers also has a passion for authentic vintage products (check out what we sell here), and yes, you've guessed it, we have even managed to get our hands on some authentic, vintage Playboy sunglasses.

These very original Playboy sunglasses, called model 4675, were made ​​in Germany. They are an adaptation of the aviator style sunglasses, but with some great, funky details. For example, the original Playboy logo is engraved on a small metal pad on the arms. There are also 4 metal studs along the front, which give a more aggressive look to the model. This very masculine model comes in two colours:

The first have a blue and black striped frame along the top and large, blue-grey lenses. (Click here to go directly to this blue model in the Blickers online shop).

vintage playboy eyewearvintage playboy eyewearvintage playboy eyewear

The second version have a mottled brown and yellow frame along the top, combined with grey-green lenses - another very vintage, masculine look. (Click here to go directly to this brown model in the Blickers online shop).

vintage playboy eyewear vintage playboy eyewear

To really get into the vintage eyewear mood of the 70s and 80s, I will leave you with some particularly cool (eyewear related) vintage Playboy covers and ads... enjoy!

vintage playboy eyewear

vintage playboy eyewear

vintage playboy poster

vintage playboy sunglasses

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