Today I would like to pay homage to Andrè Courrèges. That name won’t mean much to many people, but it so happens he was the designer who took it on himself to revolutionise the fashion scene with his futuristic, audacious and idiosyncratic proposals. A creator of truly original styles.

Despite his worldwide reputation as the designer of the miniskirt and ladies’ trousers, he was also the one who introduced PVC and vinyl into dressmaking.

Born in the first quarter of the 20th century, he was a visionary who saw fashion as something that looked towards the future, not towards the past, as was the case with many of his contemporaries.

In 1964 he presented his “Space Age” collection where, apart from the spacy stylings of his dresses, he presented a collection of glasses that we now call vintage.

From that moment on he began to be known for his eyewear designs which, even today, are still much loved. Take, for example, the famous glasses that Audrey Hepburn wore in ‘How to Steal a Million’, or the dress worn by Masiel when she won the Eurovision.


André Courrèges. Moda diferente

Mujer con gafas Moda diferente de Andrè Courrèges

Daí con Gafas Courrèges

gafas Moda diferente de Andrè Courrèges

Gafas Moda diferente de Andrè Courrèges

Gafas raras vintage

Gafas raras antiguas

Gafas raras Moda diferente de Andrè Courrèges

gafas raras courreges

gafas raras de courreges

Moda diferente de Andrè Courrèges

Moda diferente de Andrè Courrèges

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