When it comes to sunglasses, most people automatically think of the big, international brands. The big brands that dominate the market range from Ray-Ban and Oakley, to Italian sunglasses brands such as Gianni Versace and Georgio Armani and glamorous French designs by Cristian Dior. It seems that Spanish brands have been somewhat absent compared to some of the other huge European names. But today, I want to pay special attention to three brands of sunglasses made in Spain and finally give them their due.

sunglasses on dani alves

Citrique - sunglasses made in Spain

To find any common connections between the footballer Dani Alves (above), Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton is almost impossible, but one particular designer has managed to put all three in the same sentence: Juan Jose Blanco. Just 27 years old, he is the brand manager and designer of Citrique sunglasses, a brand that has a distinct and unique style that are even popular among celebrities. As the website states:

"His advanced and aesthetical urban designs are full of details: they oscillate from the highest luxury and glamour to the simplest avant-garde minimalism, without leaving behind the high quality of the product and the material of his creations."

The designs also have a retro feel and some of them even look like the retro style of glasses with flip-up lenses. Check them out!

citrique sunglasses

sunglasses made in spain

sunglasses made in spain

Laveta Eyewear - handmade wooden sunglasses made in Andalucia, Spain

With a southern Spanish spirit that is strongly influenced by the weather, lifestyle, and history of Malaga, Laveta Eyewear was born. The sunglasses are an example of brilliant Spanish craftsmanship that is recognized across borders. An important part of the brand is that the sunglasses are completely handmade; therefore no two products are identical and each is unique. They are also environmentally conscious and are designs that embody the southern Spanish sense of long sunny days and a laid back lifestyle.

As wooden eyewear is one of the major trends this Autumn/Winter, as mentioned on a previous post (click here), this is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with one of Spain's wooden contributions to the eyewear world...

sunglasses made in spain

sunglasses made in spain


Another Spanish brand that we have discovered and that we even stock in the Blickers online shop is the vintage brand Optim. With designs inspired by the 80s, Optim make glasses with the intention of providing maximum satisfaction for men and women, with frames and lenses that are adapted according to their needs. Their sunglasses have innovative designs and styles and are extremely high quality. This particular model of acetate glasses are round and small, with a bridge of the same material. They are a very unique accessory because of the delicate marine ornamentation on the arms. They are available in tortoise shell (below), or black. Click here to go to them directly in the online shop.

sunglasses made in spain

sunglasses made in spain

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