Sophia Loren is an Italian actress who is widely regarded as one of Italy's most famous actresses. With her career taking off in the 50s, Sophia Loren won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1962, and has since starred in numerous films. She is an actress who makes life as a movie star appear like a glamorous and exciting dream, and has led many people to pursue careers in the movie industry simply to be part of her world. In 1991 Sophia Loren received an Academy Honorary Award for her contributions to world cinema and was named as "one of the world cinema's treasures". But, it is not the incredible career of this actress that I want to focus on today, but her legacy in terms of eyewear - in other words, Sophia Loren's glasses.

sophia loren's glasses

Sophia Loren was the very picture of style and glamour in the 60s, and people strived to look like her. What is particularly iconic about her look was her eye make-up, and her heavy use of eye-liner above her eyelashes that swept outwards and upwards  - essentially creating a cat-eye shape.

sophia loren's glasses

Sophia Loren's glasses

Not only are cat-eye style sunglasses one of this years most popular glasses trends, the actual eye make-up style of the ever so glamorous Sophia Loren also became popular again in recent years. The style, albeit exaggerated, turned into the iconic style of Amy Winehouse (below). Like many vintage fashion trends, looks return in cycles, and it seems that sweeping eye make-up and cat-eye sunglasses are two such looks that will be forever popular and will always give the wearer a glamorous, 60s edge...

Sophia Loren's glasses style like Amy Winehouse

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