When John Lennon began wearing round glasses back in the 1960’s you can bet he never thought he would be starting a trend.

The first ones had metal frames, a fact that was later to identify them with retro styling. Later, with the addition of coloured lenses, they became decidedly hippie.

With the corresponding changes in fashion over the years, this style of eyewear has been evolving both in design and in the materials used. Plastic is currently the favourite among the best-selling brand names, but you can also find combinations of metal and plastic, wood, and, of course, the classic all-metal models.

Another interesting trend in round-framed glasses is the colours and textures used in the plastic models, which currently include pastel, neutral and transparent shades aside from the classic black.

At the end of the day, current fashion has bowed down to retro styling and these glasses are definitely ‘in’. And don't forget that if you have an angular face, they will help to smooth out your features!


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