Butterfly sunglasses: what do you think of them?

Could this style have a comeback?

Rihanna's sunglasses: which style do you like best?

Not only is Rihanna world-renowned for her music, she is also constantly reinventing her style and image. So lets have a look at Rihanna's sunglasses...

Mikli special creations: works of art

Mikli special creations are one-of-a-kind pieces that are often tailor-made for specific people or events, where “...each model is the result of subtle gestures using traditional tools, refined details... and improvisation..."

Nerd glasses: poor eyesight has never been sexier!

Oversized reading glasses have become the latest geek-chic fashion accessory for men and women.

'Kanye West glasses': Shutter shades

In his music video 'Stronger' in 2007, Kanye West wore glasses which started a trend known as 'Kanye West glasses'.

My DIY sunglasses: two different styles

After my post about how to decorate your own sunglasses, i set myelf the challenge of creating two pairs of DIY sunglasses!

Get inspired: Decorate your own sunglasses!

There’s no need to fork out for extravagant designs, just get creative and decorate your own sunglasses!

A-morir: the definition of extravagant eyewear!

One-of-kind designs which are becoming a must-have for fashion trendsetters and define extravagant eyewear.

Femme fatale eyewear

A character who constantly crosses the line between good and evil, sensual in every way, even in their look! Today, eyewear for the femmes fatales!

Festival Sunglasses: Stand out this summer

Incredible music, great company, an amazing atmosphere, festival sunglasses and hopefully some sun... A great excuse to look for new styles to experiment with!