There are some many styles of cool sunglasses with reflective lenses this season, it’s hard to choose! Brad Pitt knows about how absolutely cool mirrored sunglasses are this summer, but, to be fair, he is damn cool in any style, right? We only hope to be reflecting such pretty faces when we finally hit the red carpet some day. With that much money, we wouldn’t even need rose colored glasses! But alas, some wicked awesome shades will have to do in kicking off beach season!

Brad Pitt with Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses reduced the amount of sunlight entering your eye by an additional 10% or more, letting you face the elements while hiding your sexy self away to be discovered! Perfect for street-casual style, as well as an outdoor festival essential, mirrored sunglasses have moved from just macho-man fighter pilots (don’t worry, Tom Cruise and Top Gun will always be cool) to being embraced and rocked by the elegant women of Hollywood, MTV, and beyond!

Mirrored lenses sunglasses collage

Why are mirrored lenses the hottest sunglass trend for summer 2014? Because they can be funky, sharp, retro, colorful, and cool, and are perfect for the guys AND gals of the fashion-hungry, sunglasses-hunting, shade-collecting tribe that roams all major cities, flaunting the shade and chasing the sun! Shine bright and face the world head-on! Soak up the rays and bounce negativity to the curb with mirrored sunglasses from Blickers this summer! Check out the links and our online sunglass shop to get on the style train now! What are you waiting for?

Festival Mirrored Sunglasses

retro skier 1980s mirrored designer sunglasses

Cebe 1912 Mirrored Sunglasses

Woodys Barcelona Dora mirrored sunglasses-white

Woodys Barcelona Dora mirrored sunglasses - White

Spektre Memento Audere Sempre Mate. Tortoise Shell Wayfarer mirrored sunglasses

Spektre Memento Audere Sempre Mate. Tortoise Shell

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