Halloween is the one night of the year that it's OK to really go wild in terms of dressing up. Kids go trick-or-treating in homemade costumes, and as you get older, there is often someone who knows someone who is throwing a Halloween party where of course, fancy dress is compulsory... Halloween fancy dress party outfits for adults vary hugely (who else remembers the yearly panic and makeshift 'trick or treat' costumes when you were a kid that were made out of old sheets for ghosts and black bin bags for witches' dresses? Or is that just me...?). Well thankfully (or perhaps not so thankfully for those who feel daunted by the array of choice), there are many outfits nowadays that are considered legitimately 'Halloween'.

'Halloween glasses' might simply conjure up images of novelty eyewear, or perhaps you have never even considered what glasses to wear with your costume, but glasses can actually be a perfect accessory to an outfit.

I think there are two main ways to tackle the 'Halloween costume' party scenario: go wild and stand out, or wear something sexy and try and blend in. The 'go wild' route can be achieved by heading to your nearest costume (or joke) shop, and buying something outrageous... But chances are, unless you are the type of person who can really let their hair down at a party, you might slightly regret your decision to go for the giant green Shrek costume when you find yourself in a room surrounded by sexy black cats and vampires in well cut suits. However, if you would rather go wild than sexy but can't quite face going the whole hog, why not just wear a pair of wacky Halloween glasses that you can easily take off after the drinks start flowing?

So, let me present to you some Halloween glasses ideas....

Halloween glasses  Glasses for Halloween

Or, if generic novelty glasses aren't your thing, why not simply make the glasses yourself and design them according to your outfit or character! Here is an idea for a DIY pair of Halloween glasses... click here for step-by-step instructions!

DIY Halloween glasses

The second option, as i mentioned before, is to go for the 'sexy look'. A safe choice for this is to dress as a black cat (still legitimately 'Halloween'!). For this you will almost definitely need to think about some kind of Halloween glasses or eyewear, whether it's an eye mask or a pair of sexy and ever so popular cat-eye glasses! Check out this particularly cool pair of cat-eye sunglasses in the Blickers online shop (here)!

Cat-eye glasses

Crylon 8309 model, available in the Blickers online shop

Alternatively, if you dare to wear leather (and aren't going anywhere too sweaty!), you could even go one step further and dress up as Catwoman! The latest 'Catwoman' was Anne Hathaway (below). Although these 'techy' glasses aren't easy to get hold of, you can always try and replicate them and make yourself an eye mask that looks similar!

Catwoman mask

And check out Kim Kardashian last year dressed as Catwoman at a Halloween Party in Florida!

Kim Kardashian as Catwoman

Another great type of 'cat' look glasses that are an alternative to cat-eye glasses (because the design includes cat ears!) is this pair by the Swedish designer Anna-Karin Karlsson. They have even been worn by two of the biggest divas and bravest trendsetters of the moment - Lady Gaga and Rihanna! They are certainly an easy way of pulling off the Catwoman look...

Halloween Cat glasses

Cat Halloween sunglasses

I hope this has got your creative juices flowing if you are still struggling with an outfit this year! Happy Halloween!! :)

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