Broken wood glasses

If I’m careful, but... crash! I dropped my wooden sunglasses and of course they have broken a bit. I’m sure I can fix them with patience, putty and glue, but meanwhile, it occurred to me that if the frame were made of another material, stronger and yet flexible, such as eucalyptus, this would be great.

I searched the internet and found a company, Australian of course, that produces eucalyptus eyewear.

The manufacturer is called Fritz Frames and the model in question is the Ostria. The price is worthy of the fanciful, about €800.00.

wooden glasses detail

The frame weighs about 12 grams, half that of plastic models.

All eyewear models from this manufacturer are unique, handmade by craftsmen, and they all bear the logo of the brand and an individual serial number inside.

To achieve this elasticity they have 30% fibre reinforcements in different directions and 70% consisting of multiple layers of light eucalyptus, thus ensuring that the product is durable and resistant to UV rays and water.

What do you think? They are very clever with a lot of technology behind them, don’t you think? This is why they grabbed my attention so :D

Fritz Frames - Wooden Glasses (Eucalyptus)

Fritz Frames wood eyewear

Fritz Frames wooden eyewear

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