Wooden sunglasses are one of this year's top styles, and there has been an enormous boom in brands picking up on this previously unused material in fashion and turning it into designs that are becoming more and more widely worn. After a recent post about a wooden sunglasses brand that has come out of England - Moat House Eyewear - it is now time to discover a brand from Italy - Dolpi sunglasses. 

The amazing rock formations and impressive height of the Dolomites in the Italian Alps are bordered by a huge forest that extends from the bottom of the valley to the edge of the limestone mountain slopes. Dolpi sunglasses are a product of this incredible landscape in one of the most beautiful corners of the planet.

Dolpi sunglasses

For the Dolpi brand, the environment is extremely important. It is the first brand of sunglasses that has acquired the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certificate, so that the customer can be sure that their wooden glasses are made in a way that both respects the environment and is sustainable for forest management.

The design of wooden sunglasses is not easy, but Dolpi sunglasses place a lot of importance on creating comfortable, elegant and stylish products. Firstly, Dolpi models never exceed 24 grams in weight, making them extremely light and easy to wear. Secondly, the frames have a spherical curvature, which help the installation and replacement of the lenses. The acetate arms are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit, and the nose area is curved so that they fit the face comfortably. The photos below show the incredible detail in the woodwork of the designs, and their seamless connection of the support spots for the nose.

dolpi sunglasses

dolpi sunglasses

As the website states, Dolpi sunglasses are: "An unbelievable blending between tradition and innovation..." Click here to watch a short video of the brand.

These impressive wooden sunglasses come in a variety of designs. Each different model has a huge amount of attention to detail and expertise in the design process, and the results prove the passion behind the products! (click here to see all the designs on the Dolpi website). dolpi sunglasses

Dolpi sunglasses dolpi sunglasses dolpi sunglasses dolpi sunglasses dolpi sunglasses dolpi sunglasses

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