Fuster's Glasses

Fuster's was born in mallorca as a firm dedicated to the design and manufacture of wooden sunglasses. The brand name comes from “fuster” which means carpenter in catalan, in honor to the legacy of our ancestry artisans who worked with wood and raw materials.

But, what differentiates us from other wood brands? We have developed and patented the application of nfc technology in all our frames, with the project called "fusters connect", through a specific design of the nfc chip. This chip can be introduced into the frame right temple, and the most important thing is that this technology has zero upkeep. The chip has an unlimited life, without need to be recharged and does not emit any type of radiation. It is totally eco-friendly.

Our app gives a wide range of possibilities such as: geolocation, tracking activities with your glasses, edit profiles of your phone, view all active fusters in the world through our "live track" and your personal information, as a bussines card.