Your eyes function dance with time

How does time influence in our daily life? How can you capt one second of it and how does your eyes function fit in all this?

The real feeling of wood sunglasses

Imagine a day where you are coming from the labyrinth of society, you reach into your purse and pull out your sustainable wood sunglasses. What do you feel?

Leonardo da Vinci's glasses: the mystery

Did he invent Google Glass in the 15th Century?

All I want is... Sunglasses for Christmas!

Let these ideas inspire you to buy slightly alternative Christmas presents this year...!

Sophia Loren's glasses: a tribute named 'Sophia'

A perfect tribute to Italian cinema muse Sophia Loren...

Sunglasses for babies: protect their eyes

Far more than a fashion statement, sunglasses for babies are extremely necessary...

Dolpi sunglasses: wooden sunglasses from the mountains

Incredible designs from the heart of the Dolomites region in northeastern Italy.

Arsene Paris eyewear: Parisian 'Art Deco' designs

Glasses inspired by 1920s French style - elegant, comfortable and eccentric...

IUTER sunglasses: streetwear made in Italy

Today, IUTER is a brand known and distributed around the world. It is recognized in particular for the creativity of its designs and the quality of its products.

Winter 2014 colour trends: sunglasses in shades of Autumn

From warm tones in gold, to combinations of browns in tortoise shell and animal print, and even green tones in camouflage...