Bono’s sunglasses, singer of U2

As the need to wear glasses can become Marketing

Exclusive buffalo horn eyewear

New materials are becoming fashionable in the manufacture of eyewear and buffalo horn is surprisingly elegant.

Round glasses are back in fashion

If you have an angular face, round-framed glasses will help to smooth out your features.

Resistant, stone glasses by Rolf

I was looking for some resistant glasses, and look what I found: frames made of stone!

Musée Pierre Marly: Eyewear Museum in Paris

Around 3,000 eyewear related objects in a single place!

Heart-Shaped Glasses for Valentine's Day ♥

Get dressed up! Red, heart-shaped glasses NEVER FAIL!

The originality of Andrè Courrèges

A daringly original fashion revolutionary

Microsoft also wants augmented reality glasses

A number of companies have already followed Google in this respect...

Handmade floral headbands by Hip&Love

Maca, designer and creator of floral headbands

VOGUE magazine champions cool eyewear

Covers with original, eye-catching eyewear. We love them!