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Date: 22.07.2013
Category: Exclusive Eyewear

Harley Davidson sunglasses are designed to let you enjoy the open road. They combine new technology, comfort and style, and make you want to squeeze into leathers, despite the sweltering heat!

In 2012, Harley Davidson launched its new line of sunglasses. The glasses have very high technology in the materials used for both the lenses and the frames. In this way, the Harley Davidson sunglasses offer the maximum optical quality, providing performance and comfort.

The lenses, “Sola Sunlens” designs by the famous Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens, have a unique patented system that reinforces the direct and peripheral vision, by extending a 20% field of vision to the sides. They are also anti-fogging.

The frames of the Harley Davidson sunglasses also use new technology – ForceFlexTM. This system allows them to be very adjustable and flexible, which makes them almost unbreakable. ForceFlexTM technology means that they have injections of rubber into the frames during the molding process. The flexibility of the frames means they provide a custom fit that is exceptionally comfortable.

Here is a video that shows just how flexible the ForceFlexTM technology makes them!

The best selling model is Switchflex Performance for men, and Affinity for women. In both cases, their rods can be easily removed and replaced, and they have straps. Additionally, the lenses are NXT Day & Night, which means they adapt automatically to lighter and darker conditions, so you don’t have to change your glasses while driving!

Switchflex Performance Harley Davidson sunglasses

Affinity Harley Davidson sunglasses

There are many different models of Harley Davidson sunglasses. For example, Allover Print Performance, Bling Blang Bar & Shield Logo Performance and Embellished Tortoiseshell. These have a more urban style, with a very modern aesthetic, while remaining resistant to shock and are Italian quality.

Allover Print Performance Harley Davidson sunglasses

Embellished Tortoiseshell Harley Davidson sunglasses

Finally, the models Adjustable Strap Performance and Collapsable Performance feature a dual-density foam and an adjustable strap to fit comfortably on the face.

Adjustable Strap Performance Harley Davidson sunglasses

Collapsible Performance Harley Davidson sunglasses

So, whether you own a bike and have need of these glasses or not, it is hard not to appreciate the incredible technology that has gone into making them. They look pretty cool too! Check out these photos! 

chico en Harley Davidson Harley Davidson sunglasses

8118425322 8b85a55a38 z Harley Davidson sunglasses

img mile1 w1024 650x487 Harley Davidson sunglasses

03.30.2011 01 650x433 Harley Davidson sunglasses

paul teutul 650x823 Harley Davidson sunglasses

gafas de sol harley davidson 650x343 Harley Davidson sunglasses

harley davidson fondo 650x487 Harley Davidson sunglasses


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