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Playboy 4675

These very original vintage sunglasses were made ​​in Germany. They are an adaptation of the aviator style sunglasses made ​​in the 80s, but with some great, funky details. Considered by many as the world's sexiest brand, Play Boy excelled in their designs because of their daring. The Playboy eyewear collection have a refined, 70's style, and the model 4675 is no exception. It is important to highlight all the little details of these glasses. For example, the original Playboy logo is engraved on a small metal pad on the arms. There are also 4 patterns along the metal front, which give a more aggressive look to the model. The 4675 Playboy sunglasses have been worn by celebrities such as Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie.

About the colour

The interesting combination of blue lenses with the blue and black striped frame gives these Playboy sunglasses an extremely masculine and sexy look. The large lenses are organic and in a grey-blue colour.
179 € Brand: Playboy
Model: 4675 ()


70's, Casual, Sporty, Vintage


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